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Featured on the Charlottesville Wedding Blog!

Hey everyone! We are honored to have the Charlottesville Wedding Blog feature a selection of our work from 2009! The first part is up today and the second will be up tomorrow! Check it out!!! The Charlottesville Wedding Blog!

And since a post is just not the same without a picture! Here is a recent shot of our 2 year old daughter Annya!

Kathy - Brent & Nicole — The pictures are beautiful :)

Marta Bethart - Jess & Peter!

Claire - Brent & Nicole

The photos look so natural. They get my vote.

Hannah - I vote Polly & Steven! They are so cute together!!!!

Frank - Peter and Jessica!!!

Donna Garber - Angie and Andy! I am so happy for you and your pictures are gorgeous and reflect your happiness in a beautiful way. Blessings! My vote is for you without doubt.

Bethany Holsinger - My vote is for Brent and Nicole. I know both of them and they’re beautiful on the inside and out. They are a great looking couple and I would love for them to win!

Dawn Walters - Brent and Nicole, beautiful shots, what a beautiful couple! Congratulations!!! You get my vote.

Megan Dull - My Vote is for Natalie and Heath they look great together!

Karen - I vote for Steve and Polly!

amanda - I vote for Peter and Jessica.

Olga - I vote for Steve and Polly! What a cute couple!

Susan Dimmick - I vote for Peter and Jess. They make a gorgeous couple!

Tracy Stickley - Brent & Nicole! Best Wishes!

Molly - Peter and Jessica! They are adorable.. all smiles!

Barny - Peter and Jessica get my vote.

Kristen Perryman - Natalie and Health are my favorite!

Rose - My vote is for Steve & Polly; their pictures reflect the Virginia is for Lovers – the beautiful Shenandoah Valley

Susan - Polly and Steven; love the black and white!

Jerry - I vote for Jess and Peter. Who else comes close?

Lindsay - Jessica and Peter have the best picture!

Lisa - Jess and Peter have the nicest picture. They look so relaxed and comfortable with each other.

Katrina Hunt - My vote is for Brent and Nicole. I met Nicole in college and she is a total sweetheart! I wish them the best in luck and love :)

Claire Dukes - Jess and Peter, they are so in love!!!!!!!
And of course the pictures are perfect.

Diane - Polly and Steven have my vote….they are a beautiful couple.

Jasmine - Brent and Nicole. They are such a cute couple and since I married Brent’s cousin, we are now family :) I hope you win guys! We can’t wait to come the wedding, it is going to be beautiful!

Chad - Brent and Nicole!!! They are really cute together!

Beverly - Jessica and Peter have the best engaged picture

Beverly says: - Jessica and Peter have the best engaged picture for 2009

Matt Falvey - I love Peter and Jessica’s Pics! They look so genuine and the back drops are awesome! It does not looked staged…looks like they were simply caught in a romantic moment.

Kathy Dietz - I vote for Peter & Jessica! Great photo’s!

Holly Palumbo - My vote is for Jess and Peter. Great pics!

Chris Crone - Jessica and Peter because they are my daughter and future son-in-law! We’re excited!!!

Nick Tucker - Brent & Nicole…!!!!

What a great looking couple…

Ethel Seith - Angie and Andy……love the setting, great pic!

Sam Earman - Polly and Steven! They are such good people!

April Magno - My vote is for Brent & Nicole! Best wishes!

Tricia Crites - I vote Angie and Andy!!!! They are great together.

Pat - Nicole and Brent- congrats on your engagement – - I am happy for you! great pictures.

Jessica Washington - Andy and Angie have the best photos hands down!

Debbie Wampler - My vote is for Natalie & Heath. Great pictures

Samantha - BRENT and NICOLE

Jim Mumaw - My vote is for Brent & Nicole. Great photos. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Your such great people.

Angie Layman - Brent and Nicole! I too agree, Nicole has been through alot and she so deserves Brent to love and cherish her! They make a wonderful couple and I wish them only the best in their beautiful life together!

Dawn - Heath & Natalie are a beautiful couple. They get my vote!

Emma - I vote for Brad & Shawna because their pictures are a wonderful image of true love :)

Emma - I vote for Brad & Shawna because they’re pictures are a wonderful image of true love :)

Mike - Brent and Nicole. Nicole has been through so much in her life and is such a strong and wonderful person.

Samantha - Brent & Nicole!!!!

Jason Mace - Brent and Nicole.

Amy Mowbray-Mace - I am casting my vote for Brent and Nicole. Best Wishes, they look so great together.

Amy Mowbray-Mace - I am casting my vote for Brent and Nicole. They make such a beautiful couple.

Tammy Tyson - I vote for Angie and Andy. Cute couple and they look like they had alot of fun getting pics taken.

Heidi - Andy & Angie! They look so happy together!

Jenny - Andy & Angie! Love their background and poses! They look amazing together:)

Rothwell - Thank you Heather!!!! I LOVE her more then anything! Thanks for the sweet little note it was so good to hear from you!

Heather Huffman - Annya is so beautiful and she has the prettiest eyes!!

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