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Contest #1 – “Favorite Couple” of 2011

We are so excited to launch our annual contests! Our first is the “favorite couple” of 2011 and then second will be our “love story” contest! This first contest is one perk to having an engagement session, you will be automatically entered into this contest the beginning of the new year!

Who will win – One of the 18 fabulous couples you see below!

What they will win – A 16×20 print of their favorite image + an engagement DVD slide show set to their love song!

How they win – You have to vote for them! In the comment section below please use a working email, full name, which couple you are voting for, why and how you know them(if you don’t know them, no worries you can still vote). Please honor the rules and only vote for one fabulous couple. If all the requirements listed are not met we will not count the vote. Please only vote for one couple!

Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook so you can find out who the winner is and hear the details of the next contest coming up next week for all engaged couples!! Just a heads up – start writing your love stories!

Voting begins tonight and ends Monday evening January 30th at 10:00pm. Have fun voting + thanks for making this fun for all the couples!!! ~ Tim + Sasha

#1 – Richard + Courtney

#2 David + Marissa

#3 Daniel + Carisa

#4 Matt + Jennifer

#5 Graham + Jackie

#6 Shawn + Ashley

#7 Tim + Lindsey

#8 Spencer + Jenna

#9 Tom + Mara

#10 Chance + Lauren

#11 Dave + Justine

#12 Evan + Bridgett

#13 Bobby + Allison

#14 Jason + Amber

#15 John + Kristy

#16 Brian + Mary

#17 Michael + Jessica

#18 Evan + Brittany

Thanks again for voting!!! Good luck to all our gorgeous and fantastic couples!!

Alice - I’m voting for #2. David and Marissa

Trish - I vote for #11 – Dave and Justine. They are both great friends of mine and an amazing couple!!

Stephanie - Voting for #7 Tim and Lindsey–Lindsey’s brother is my boyfriend so I have known Lindsey and Tim for about a year and a half–they are both such wonderful people and their wedding is going to be beautiful!

jessica - #10-Lauren and Chance- so cute!

Giselle Rami - Daniel & Carisa = Absolute love & harmony!!! Inspiring!!!

Maryellen - #10 Lauren and Chance

Stephanie - Couple #10 Lauren and Chance

Carolan - Lindsey is my niece!! She and Tim are the best! I vote for #7

JP - Voting for #11 — Justine and Dave are 2 of the kindest and coolest cats I know. And wow what a great job capturing their essence in that picture!

jennie pelkey - Dave and Justine! I’ve known her all her life. Her mother is my most special friend, mi corazon! And she is just as special–as a teacher, as a beautiful woman in every way!

Mike Bazzle - I am voting for couple #18, Evan and Brittany. Brittany is my little sister and I would love to see them win!

Hillary thigpen - 18 friend of the bride…because they’re adorable!!!

BFlood - #2 David and Marissa!!

Bobby - #2 David and Marissa. UNCLE OF THE GROOM.

Granny Jenkins - #2 David and Marissa…Davids Granny

Caleb Wyant - #18 – Evan & Brittany – 2nd cousin and her husband. Wish I saw her more

Bruce - #2 David and Marissa

Jordan - My vote goes to #11 – Dave and Justine! Justine is my little sister, and I can’t wait for Dave to “officially” join our family. They are both kind/caring, thoughtful, hardworking, fun – and so much more — a perfect couple!

EJ Wyant - #18 – Evan & Brittany. Cousin-in-law and her husband. Wedding & photos were really nice

Hollie - Daniel and Carisa!!! Such a great photo!! #3

Donnie Bazzle - #18 – Evan & Brittany. Niece & her husband

Connie Bazzle - #18 – Evan & Brittany. My niece & her husband. Very proud

Carissa Wyant - #18 – Evan & Brittany. My cousin and her husband. SO cute!

amanda mager - i like #10 lauren and chance

jon mager - #10

Susan Onffroy - I vote for #11 Justine and Dave! Gorgeous couple! Justine is my sister-n-law and is beautiful inside and out. We love how she found her prince charming, Dave. They are made for each other! Dave we can’t wait to welcome you to the family!

Amanda Mager - Couple # ten Lauren and Chance!

John - Voting for number 11, Justine and Dave. Such a wonderful couple!!!

Mary Lawson - #11 Dave and Justine

Justine is my sweet daughter and she and Dave are just a wonderful couple, kind and fun and so beautiful inside and out! This photo of Dave and Justine is gorgeous!

Cassie - I vote for, #2 David and Marissa

Ian McDonald - I vote for #18 Evan and Brittany Farley. I’m a friend of the family. Love the great photos.

Evan Farley - I vote for #18! I’m voting for us because I would love to have a print showing how much love we have! Thanks for all the votes!

Brittany Farley - I’m voting for us (Brittany & Evan), #18! Why? Because it would be awesome to win a 16×20 print of our favorite image & an engagement DVD slide show! The Rothwells are amazing and I would love to document this happy time with a photo they took!

Virginia - Voting for #2 David and Marissa

Joey K - Voting for #18, Evan & Brittany Farley.

Alex G - #18 Evan and Britt for the win :) Ive been friends with Britt for several years, glad to see her get married to Evan who is an awesome guy. Was happy to meet and see you guys take their photos at their wedding in Quantico :)

Tim G - Brittany and Evan Farley # 18

Vadim - My vote is for #18 Brittany and Evan. They’re great friends of ours and deserve all the best.

Sarah h - #18 – brittany & evan.

Travis and Roberta - We are voting for couple #18. The picture of them is awesome. I have known Brittany since she was little and she has grown into a beautiful young lady. We hope you win.

Marvene - I am voting for couple #18 Brittany and Evan. They are a great couple that is serving our county. Beautiful picture!

Amanda - Brittany was in our wedding almost 12 years ago. A great picture and great couple. I voting for number 18 Brittany and Evan, and thanks for your service to our country.

Elsa Hurtado - Brittany and worked together at Finders Keepers. Great couple and picture. I am voting for number 18 Brittany and Evan.

Katarina Farley - Evan is my brother…I’m so lucky and I love Brittany!

The photo shows them as they are…hard working and carefree.

Brandon - #2 David and Marissa

Audrey Farley - Evan and Brittany! Their photo is so “whimsical”…what a beautiful couple! My beautiful new daughter in law ans son.

Doug H - # 18 has my vote! The Farley’s

Jim M. - I vote for number 18 Evan and Brittany Farley. A friend of the family. They are both wonderful people and a cute couple.

John King - Number 18 gets my vote the Farley’s. I have known the family for years. Brittany and Evan are a good match.

David Price - Friend of the family. I vote for 18 the Farley’s

Monica - # 18 Brittany and Evan.

Bill Mason - Brittany and Evan Farley # 18. Work with her Dad and know Brittany and Evan. A fun couple.

Priscilla Whitmore - Brittany and Evan get my vote! Brittany is my great niece and they both are very deserving of this contest. A very caring couple.

Patti D. - # 18 gets my vote. The Farley’s are an awesome couple and friends of the family.

Boyd Dove - I vote for 18! I have been friends with the family for years. A Great Couple.

Jessica - My vote is for couple #10 – Lauren & Chance. Lauren has been my blonde buddy since we were in grade school! I’m glad to see how happy she is and it definitely shows in their beautiful picture!

Betty Cave - I vote # 18 Evan and Brittany Farley! Brittany is my Granddaughter. They deserve winning this contest. A beautiful couple and always call to check on Grandma even though they are living far away.

Sharon S. - I vote for # 18 Brittany and Evan. Great couple!!

Butch Farley - My vote is for #18, Lt Evan and Brittany Farley…they’re in Pensacola now while Evan is in flight training for the Marines. My son and new daughter-in-law!

Rebecca McClure - I vote for #18. Brittany and Evan…they are a great couple!!!!!!

Kathi - I Vote for # 7, Tim + Lindsey,although all the couples photos are beautiful, something special in their smiles.
Bride’s parents are longtime friends, over 25yrs.

Peter Christy - My vote is for #2 David and Marissa – Marissa is my step granddaughter

Jay - Voting for #2, David and Marissa

Shirley - Voting for #18, Evan & Brittany Farley. She is my great-niece, loved those hats.

Ashley Ricker - I vote for Jackie and Grahm!

#18 Evan & Britttany - Voting for #18 Brittany and Evan from her Aunt!

Anne DiBello - My vote is for #7 Lindsey (the sweetest girl in the world) and Tim. What a beautiful couple.

Jamie - #18 Brittany and Evan

Adam Aikens - I’m voting for #18 Evan and Brittany. Evan was my roommate and Best man. I was happy to be his Best man and fellow Marine!

Laura Aikens - #18 Brittany & Evan!!! Because they are the best! I have known Brittany most of my life and had the honor of being her Matron of Honor! Love them!

Erin Swift - #7 Lindsey and Tim

Joe - I am Lindsey’s brother and would love to see them win! Lindsey and Tim get my vote! #7 Lindsey and Tim!

Daren - I vote for Lindsey and Tim….#7

Donna - #7 Lindsey and Tim!

Kathleen - #7 Tim and Lindsey get my vote!

Daren - #7 Tim and Lindsey!

Elvera - #7 tim and lindsey are the greatest couple!

Bplony - # 7 Lindsey and Tim. Such a beautiful couple! The shot is just gorgeous!

Carol - I vote #7 Lindsey n Tim
I babysat Lindsey in VA when she was an infant. She is a VERY special gal; they are a WONDERFUL couple.

Dean Beck - #5 Graham and Jackie

Dianna Raley - My vote is for #5 Graham and Jackie – Jackie has always been beautiful inside and out all of her life. I knew Graham was the one for her the moment I met him. A picture is worth a thousand words, but only one is needed to describe this one. PERFECT!

Alyssa - #7 This picture of Lindsey and Tim is such a strong example of what a happy couple looks like! They truly are blessed to have such a bond and connection to one another.

Mike - # 7 Lindsey and Tim gets my vote!

John - I vote for # 7…Lindsey & Tim!

Doreen - Lindsey and Tim are a fabulous couple…they are so kind, considerate and giving!

I vote for #7: Lindsey and Tim

Sharon Dougherty - Voting for #2 David and Marissa – I am Marissa’s Aunt

Dottie Couch - I vote for Brittany and Evan Farley. plus all the other good things. Brittany is my special Nephew’s daughter.

Dottie Couch - I vote for # 18 Brittany and Evan Furtel, They are a great ,smart, true young couple. I used to baby set Britney.She really worked hard in College to get where she is today.Then met a great US Marine and got married and a wonderful happy couple. I think they should win ,as for who they are and always will be.

Justine - I vote for Dave and Justine – because I am Justine :) We love the Rothwell’s and each other and can’t wait for them to capture our wedding day in August!

Kellie Morris - I am voting for couple #2 I LOVE this picture!

Sarah - I vote for #18, Brittany and Evan – I’m cousin of the bride and they’re a military family so they could use the extra memories to hold on to when they have to move every few years

Kelly H - #2 David and Marissa! Family!!!

Madison Miller - My vote is for #14 Jason and Amber
I am 11 years old and I think my Uncle Jason and Aunt Amber should win because they are so cool .

Raymond Gibson - My vote is for Jason and Amber #14
Jason is my stepson and I have had the honor of seeing Jason grow into a wonderful man.He and Amber work very hard and did an outstanding job on their wedding and it was beautiful. I would very much like to see them win:)

Pansy Gibson - My vote is for #14 Jason & Amber

Troy - I vote #5!

Kim - #11. Beautiful couple!

Laura - #18 brittany and evan!

Chris Prosch - Mother of the Groom – voting for #5 Graham and Jackie. Wishing them all the love and happiness.

Sam Winstanley - Voting for #5 – Graham and Jackie!

Edna Bazzle - I vote for my Granddaughter Brittany and her Husband Evan. Number 18!!! A beautiful couple.

Mel - Evan and Brittany they get my Vote! #18 Great Couple.

Allie - I’d like to vote for #5, Graham and Jackie. I am so excited to officially welcome Jackie into our family although after knowing her it feels as if she already is! So glad my brother found himself a good catch! xo

Ryan M. - I Vote for number 18. Brittany and Evan. Great Picture and nice couple!

Robert Farley - # 18 Brittany and Evan! Friends of the family and work with them. They are an awesome couple.

Sue Farley - Voting for # 18 Evan and Brittany. A great couple… we’ve know Brittany for many years.

Nancy Duncan - Brittany and Evan!!! They are an awesome couple. I’ve known Brittany for along time and work with the family. #18 is my vote.

Tara - I am voting for #18, Evan and Brittany. Friends of the family and an awesome couple!

Emily - Definitely #2, Marissa and David! Love you guys :)

s kawzenek - I vote for #7 Lindsey and Tim!


mike epstein - #7 there for me!!!!

brittany plony - I vote for #7 Lindsey and Tim. They are so much in love! And being a photography major they are very photogenic! Don’t you think???

b epstein - We vote for Lindsey And Tim! #7 Pictures speak louder than words!


c epstein - My family votes for Lindsey and Tim! They are one of the most generous, kind and happy people that I know! They have touched the lives of many people. Linsey has made many adoptions take place as well as comforts for those who have not been as fortunate. You guessed it she is an adoptions counselor/therapist. Seeing that are world has now decided to turn full speed ahead with tecnology Tim helps by making us more computer savey! How lucky we are to have a computer specialist on board to help fix our’s when it decides to crash!

Shirley Boland - I am voting for # 18, Evan & Brittany. They make a lovely couple. Brittany is my great-niece. Dave & I wish them good luck with this contest & much happiness.

Cara - I am voting for #3 David and Marissa!

Wanda Powell - #2 David + Marissa- look so in love…:)

Kim Hill - #18 Evan and Brittany. I used to babysit Brittany! I had the honor of baking their grooms cake!!

Tasha - I’m Voting For #2-David & Marissa <3

Gabriela Castillo - I vote for couple #3, Daniel and Carisa. They are both so gorgeous and so perfect for each other. Carisa is the daughter of a great friend, and she’ll be a beautiful bride.

Rosalind - #18 Evan and Brittany

Both of our husbands air in flight school. They are one of the nicest down to earth couples we have meet!

John Doyle - I vote for #18 Brittany& Evan Iam friend of Brittany and her sister megan

Chance Walton - I vote Chance and Lauren #10…I am Chance so obviously I vote for myself and by beautiful future wife Lauren!

Jessica - #2 David and Marissa :)

Bozena - I vote for # 3 Daniel & Carisa – it is a great picture of a great couple. I must admit that i am partial because i know Carisa almost from the time she was born since her Mother, Gina, is one of my best friends. I remember Carisa as a cute little girl & I am glad to see that she grew up to become a beautiful & smart lady! I am also happy that she found Daniel. Congratulations!

Candice Turnbull - #10 Chance and Lauren: I would like to vote for my baby brother and his beautiful soon-to-be wife Lauren. We are so excited to have Lauren join our family and can’t wait for the wedding celebrations to begin. Love you both!!

Aaron - #3 – Daniel and Carisa. Super cute couple!

Jackie - Amber & Jason #14

David - I vote for # 18 Brittany and Evan. Great couple. Friend

Lil - I vote for #18 Brittany and Evan! Brittany’s family is my family away from home :)

Casi Zirk - #18…Evan and Brittany. I’ve known Brittany since she was a little girl. She’s a beauty inside and out;)

Katie - #5 Jackie & Graham!

Ron - #18 – Brittany and Evan

Ruth Ann Dixon - #18 Brittany and Evan

Jessica & Michael - We vote for Carisa & Daniel! Love the pic of our great friends :) hope you guys win!

Jeandell Perez - I vote for #18 ,beautiful couple!!

Holly Hughes - # 18 has my vote! Brittany and Evan Farley. Great Couple!

Irina Kroshina - I vote for number 18 Brittany and Evan. Awesome couple!!!!! Worked with her.

Charles Franklin - I vote for #18, Brittany and Evan Farley. A great couple.

Ariann Bradfield - I vote for #18 Brittany and Evan Farley. Deserving couple!

Jacob Grogg - I vote for number 18 Evan and Brittany Farley. A friend of Brittany and Evan a deserving couple of this contest.

Kim Cuellar - Voting for #5 Jackie and Graham. Jackie is my sisters best friend from college. What a beautiful couple!

Terri Lynn - I vote for couple #2 David & Marissa.Best friends with the grooms mother.

Angel - #5 Graham and Jackie of course!!!! Graham is one of my best friends and I have always considered him family…and we are very happy to welcome Jackie into the family :) LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

Sandy - Evan and Brittany…warm wishes!

Sandy - My vote is #18, Evan and Brittany

Susan Loftus - Voting for #2 David + Marissa

Kate - #5 Jackie and Graham… so cute :)

toviah - spencer and jenna. i <3 a man in a bright pink shirt!

Vaska - I vote for #2, David & Marisa. Best wishes!

wayne m. davis - voting for #5 Jackie and Grahm

Brenda Miller - I vote for #18, Brittany & Evan. They are a beautiful couple inside and out!

michael - i am voting for #5, Jackie and Graham. they are great people that are beautiful together.

Courtney koncelik - My vote is for the cutest couple of them all Graham and Jackie

rosalie - I am voting for #5 Jackie and Graham. They are beautiful together. Hope they have a great experience in the Army.

Anne Davis - I am voting for Couple #5 Jackie and Graham. I have known Jackie since she and my daughter were in kindergarten. We have great memories of all the great times the girls had growing up. It is truly heartwarming to see how happy Jackie is today!

Diana Drury - I’ve known Brittany’s amazing family for years. Brittany and Evan are a wonderful couple and know they will have a wonderful life together.

Magda - I vote for #2 David & Marissa

Michelle Puckli - #5 Jackie and Graham!

Teresa Phillips - #2~David & Marissa~They look beautiful together!I’m a friend of the groom’s mother

Carol Hendricks - I vote for #5 – Jackie & Graham. Jackie is my daughters best friend from college and I think they are just a perfect couple.

Tanya - I’m voting for #2 – David & Marissa

Cathy Stewart - I am voting for Evan and Brittany #18. I had the honor to be their cake baker for the wedding. Beautiful Couple!

Cathy Loikith - Voting for couple #5! Good luck Jackie!

Christine - #5! Graham and Jackie!

Kristie Payne - I vote for #18 Brittany & Evan. Brittany’s mom is my best friend! Good luck to a great couple!

Belinda Frazer - Lauren and Chance!!! They are the most amazing people and truly deserve all the happiness coming their way in a lifetime of love, marriage, and family.

Bryan - I vote for #5, Graham and Jackie.


Alaina - #5 Jackie and Graham!!!

Jill - Voting for Jackie and Graham—cute couple!

Craig - #5 Jackie and Graham

Pam Veitch - Couple #5 Graham & Jackie. I’ve known Jackie and her family for many years and she and Graham deserve to win this contest!! Just look how happy they are!!!

Donald - I’m voting for #2, David and Marissa. Grooms uncle.

Leanne Lechoco - #5 Jackie & Graham

Angela - couple #2 David and Marissa, family of the groom.

Wanda - I am voting for #2: David and Marissa.

Carla - #2 David & Marissa!!

Nicole - # 10 Chance and Lauren. I have been friends with Lauren since high school. Lauren and Chance are perfect for each other! They make a beautiful couple, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Rick - I’m voting for #2, David and Marissa!- they look so happy :)

Tracy - #2 I vote for David and Marissa! Friend and neighbor of David’s family :) Congrats!

Abby - I vote for #2 Marissa & David!!

Rachel Lam - #11 Dave and Justine!! They are absolutely adorable.

Tara - I’m voting for #2 – David & Marissa – as my favortite couple! Thanks to Brother Mitch :)

KPA - I’m voting for #2 – David & Marissa

Jessica - I’m voting for #2 – David & Marissa

Jeffrey Glenellen - My vote is for #10 Chance and Lauren

Julio - Voting for Marissa and David #2

katie - My vote is for Chance & Lauren Couple #10!!

Dennis Dove - #18- Brittany and Evan

Brittany is my wife’s niece. They are a perfect fit for each other.

Patsy Dove - #18- Brittany and Evan…. Brittany is my niece and Evan makes her happier than we have ever seen her.

Eugene F. Battisti, Jr. - I am Chance’s Stepfather and so obviously, I think the world of him. I vote for him and Lauren in photo #10 not just because they make a beautiful couple but because they stand for the very essence of why couples are “couples” at all: that is, they love each other more than any thing else in this world.

Myrna Gomez - Carisa & Daniel get my vote they make a beautiful couple good luck

Alex - #2 David + Marissa

Veronica - I vote for Carisa and Dani!

Jane - I am voting for #2 David and Marissa.

Ian - I vote for #2, David and Marissa

Tayyaba - I vote for cutest couple #2 David & Marissa!

Mary - I vote for #2 David + Marissa – Congratulations!

Jennifer R - #3 Carisa and Daniel

Alexis - I vote for Lauren and Chance!! Lauren is great and they deserve to win!

Jessica - I’m voting for #2, David and Marissa!

Kristine - My vote goes to #2 David and Marissa

Betty & Henry - We vote for couple #2, David and Marissa. Of course, we might be just a tad prejudiced… We’re Marissa’s grandparents. What a great picture!

Margarita Harrod - Couple #2 – David and Marissa

Linda S. - I vote for couple #2, David and Marissa! Marissa is the daughter of my colleague. Congratulations to all the beautiful couples!

Zhiping Huang - my vote is #2 – david and marissa.

Pat - I vote for #18: Brittnay & Evan. Good Luck!!!

Linda - Marissa and David. Friend of the bride’s mother!

Dawn - #2 David and Marissa

Kirsten Kranyak - I vote for #10: Chance and Lauren. I know Lauren from work and she is an absolute DOLL! She and Chance are so cute together…they are the perfect couple!

toni barret - my vote is #2 – david and marissa. watched david grow-up with my children. Simply put, GREAT GUY!!!!!!!

Tinker Utz - I voted for #2 David and Marissa.

Beth K. - I vote for #10, Lauren & Chance~ Lauren has been a friend since grade school, and she and Chance are beautiful together (which clearly shows in this photo). They deserve a lifetime of happiness, as well as to win! XO

lisa R - i voted for #2… sweet couple

Mandy - I am voting for couple #2 David & Marissa. Mother of the groom :)

Ronnie - I am voting for #2 David + Marissa. Father of the groom.

Tom Rhodes - Couple #2 David and Marissa. Great pic. Congratulations.

Graham P - Graham and Jackie

Lindsay - #5-Jackie and Graham. Love them! Wonderful people :)

Greta Glenellen - My vote is for #10 Lauren & Chance. Lauren is my sister-in-law that I love very much, but is the best Aunt for my daughter and son. Chance gentle kiss and Lauren big smile is genuine and capture a real special moment. I am excited for their lifetime together.

Roxanne - David and Marissa. Cute couple!

Stacy Palumbo - I’m voting for #10, Chance and Lauren- the cutest couple on here! I’ve known Chance since college & Lauren ever since they started dating, 3 years ago! Congrats & good luck you two :)

Liz Marrett - My vote is for #2, David and Marissa. Great picture!

Christi kent - I am voting for Couple#2 Marissa and David. They are the cutest couple!

jean marie - I vote for #2 David and Marissa! Beautiful photo.

Elaine Kowicki - I vote for #2 David and Marissa. I know the mother of the bride. A charming photo.

Jennifer - #2 David and Melissa. Congrats!

Sandy Shah - I voted for #2 David and Marissa. They look very cute together.

Dawn Moyer - Voting for #2 David and Marissa. Congratulations.

Kim - My vote is for couple #2 – David and Marissa. I work with Marissa’s mother, Dena.

Terri Derstine - I vote for #2 David and Marissa. I work with Marissa’s mom, and I love their picture. It’s innocent and fun.

Heather - I’m voting for #2. David and Marissa

Jamie - vote for #2!

Josephne - #2 David and Marissa

Gabriela Garcia - Daniel and Carisa

Izzy Massa - #5 Graham and Jackie

Love them a bunch and have always been wonderful friends. Best photo ever!!

Karen Bazzle - Evan and Brittany #18 get my vote. Brittany is my wonderful daughter and Evan our new son. God had a plan and this is a true LOVE story that unfolded. Evan holds the key to our daughter’s heart. 2nd Lt.Evan and Brittany Farley deserve winning this contest. An amazing couple serving our country.

Steve Bazzle - Evan and Brittany #18 gets my vote. Brittany is our beautiful daughter and Evan our new son.

Pam Prosch - Jackie and Graham. They are an adorable couple. Graham is my nephew. Jackie is going to be a great addition to our crazy family.

Michael Rosen - Wow — how can one not vote for couple #2 Marissa & David — they rock!

Shaneyne - #4 Matt & Jennifer! I don’t know them but I LOVE the picture. They popped right out as I was scrolling through the photos because they TRULY look so Incredibly HAPPY!!! :) I love it!

candice - My vote is for David and Marissa #2. Good Luck!

Ellen Franklin - Voting for couple #18 Brittany and Evan their a beautiful couple. I was the director of their wedding. It was awesome day with this special couple so in Love. The Marine Corp arch was one of my favorite pictures of the day and your welcome to the corp Brittany.

Sarah Logan - I am voting for #10 Chance and Lauren. I am Lauren’s mom and she is precious and dear to my heart!!! I couldn’t be prouder of the woman she has become and she was lucky enough to find such a wonderful soul mate in Chance! You can see in the pictures how much they love each other!!! They are both as beautiful inside as they are outside!!! Love them both!!!!

Taryn Hein - My vote is for Lauren and Chance. Lauren was my very first friend in college. We met at orientation and later became roomies. I’m so happy for you guys!! :)

Roberta - I’m voting for couple #2 – Marissa & David – they are delightful – I’m the bride’s great Aunt and think the world of them all. Can’t wait for the wedding!

Nancy Santanello - Voting for #2 David and Marissa. Cute couple and I know the family.

Marc - I vote for Lauren and Chance !! Because Chance is HOT!! :)

Merritt - David and Marissa xoxoxo

debbie lasher - I vote for Jackie and Graham number 5. They are a beautiful couple and he will serve our contry in the us Army.

Nicki - I am voting for #2: David and Marissa!

Stephanie Mabry - I am voting for #4 Matt and Jenn

sue Greaves - I am voting for couple ten……Lauren and Chance….

Tommy rodgers - I vote for # 10

Amanda - Jackie and Graham #5

Annie Marks - #2 David & Marissa!!

Quinn Grimes - I vote for Jackie and Graham number 5!

Megan Bazzle - I vote for #18 Evan and Brittany. Brittany is my gorgeous sister and Evan is my awesome new brother. They are an amazing couple and so much in love. Evan truly does have the key to Brittany’s heart. I’ve never seen my sister as happy as she’s been with Evan. He’s her prince charming and I love him for that. 2nd Lieutenant and Mrs. Farley ROCK!!

Elizabeth Davis - JACKIE AND GRAHAM! #5

elise - #5 Jackie and Graham!!

Vivienne - # 3 – Daniel and Carisa!

Liza Davis - JACKIE AND GRAHAM! #5

Emily Sauey - Jackie and Graham absolutely!!

Amanda Toney - Graham and Jackie!!! Number 5!!!!!! <3

Marina Mezzetti - Jackie and Graham number 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Jackie from College!

Cindy Girman - #2 David and Marissa

Gee - Daniel and Carisa

Lena - Jackie and Graham, #5!

Donna Tumer - #18 Evan & Brittany
They look totally in love & happy.

elise emmons - # 5 Graham and Jackie!

Mitch - #2 of course! David and Marissa

Kristin Andrews - Jackie and Graham number 5

Kelsey Grimes - Attempt 2!! I vote for jackie and graham number 5! they are the kind of couple that makes everyone around them want the love that they have. They look at eachother like no on else in the world matters. I know this because I am her oldest friend from high school and maid of honor in the most beautiful wedding of 2012. I am so happy for the both of you.

Tracy Masciantonio - Jackie and Graham number 5

Kerri Galvin - I am voting for couple #10 – Chance & Lauren. Lauren is my cousin and her and Chance are a beautiful couple. I love them both & wish them nothing but the best in the future.

Meagan Ritacco - Jackie and Graham! Number 5

Jon - Number 5

Matt Buckner - Jackie and Graham. I pick number 5

Derek Dean - Jackie and Graham number 5!

Jaymie Estrain - Jackie ang Graham number 5

Lindsay - Jackie and graham #5! Jackie is my sorority sister and they are the cutest!

Meagan Ritacco - Voting for Jackie and Graham!!!! Number 5

Vicki - #5 Graham & Jackie!! I wouldn’t have survived the JMU education program without this girl!!

Heather - #6 Ashley and Shaun… Ashley’s Bridesmaid!

Tina Costanzo - I vote for Lauren & Chance. I know of them through my niece Ashley. I wish all the best in their future.

April R - Oops, forgot how i know them! I met them at their wedding! Evan is my fiance’s good friend from VMI. (Go Keydets!) And I think Brittany is astonishing! :)

April R - I vote #18 EVAN & BRITTANY! Best ever!

Vivian L. - My vote is for #2 David + Marissa. What a great looking couple. I know Marissa’s Mom.

Q Zhang - I vote for #2- David & Marissa.

Julie - I’m voting for David and Marissa – # 2!!

Doreen - #2 David and Marissa -Beautiful couple!! I am a friend of the mother of the bride. Best of luck!

Jess - David and Marissa!

Chase Walton - #10 Chance & Lauren, beautiful couple like two peas in a pod, can’t wait for the wedding whoooo hoooo!!!!!

Gina Bergman - I vote for for David and Marissa- #2

Brian Ramey - #2 David and Marissa – Father of the Bride

Jessica - #10 Lauren & Chance. Such a gorgeous couple inside and out. :) ))

KSL - Gorgeous photos! Favorite is #2 David and Marissa :)

Ann Rutan - I vote for #2 David and Marissa. Marissa is my friend’s beautiful daughter!

Beth Hochstettler - my vote is for #10, Lauren and Chance! I met Lauren through a mutual friend and over the last few years i’ve been lucky to get to know both her and Chance. They’re a great couple and deserve to win!!

Leah - I vote for #18 Evan & Brittany

Mindy - I vote for couple #2 David and Marissa.

Ann Rutan - I vote for #2 David and Marissa.

Leslie - I vote for number 2, David & Marissa

Maria Sekac - Voting for #2 David and Marissa

Pat Devlin - #2 David and Marissa!

Kim - I vote for #2 David + Marissa…great photo. I’m a friend of Marissa’s mom.

Sally Sue - As Nana of the bride, I must say that I believe that Jennifer and Matthew deserve to win. She is afterall my first grandchild. Therefore, my vote is #4.

Elsa - #2 – David & Marissa

Baishali Ambegaonkar - I am voting for #2 David and Marissa

Beth Bazzle - I vote for #18, Brittany and Evan!

Cathy Anne Pinto - hands down–#2 David and Marissa!!

al serafino - #3 – Carisa and Daniel – the photography is fantastic.

Gloria - #14 Jason & Amber

gail sumter - No contest – #3 Carisa and Daniel all the way.

Monica - I taught the bride in nursing school and am best friends with her grandma. I must say that I believe Jen and Matt #4 deserve to win!! Congrats!!

Mark - Jen & Matt #4 – coworker, friend of the bride.

Lyndsey - RSHC graduate with Jen! My vote is Jen and Matt #4!

Laura - Went to school with Jennifer. She is fabulous! I vote Jen and Matt #4! :)

Keith - Jen & Matt #4
Uncle of the bride.
Perfect Couple!

Marni Schwartz - Lauren & Chance –

Friends with Lauren :)
and they’re SO darn cute!

Marjorie Perez - # 3 Daniel and Carisa
I love their picture and they are a lovely couple

Stefanie - #18 Brittany and Evan are the best couple!!!

Kevin Crider - #18 Brittany and Evan
She is my wife’s cousin and my daughter was the flower girl.

Ana Cecilia - # 3 Carisa – Daniel As a mother I vote for my lovelly couple

Keith - Jennifer and Matthew #4
Step dad of the bride.

Jennifer Crider - #18 – Evan and Brittany
I am Brittany’s cousin and my daughter was the flower girl for their wedding. If anyone deserves to win it is them. Brittany had a few rough years before Evan came along and swept her off her feet. She knew she loved him enough to marry into the Marines (and take on all that comes with being a military wife).

Bill - As grandpa of the bride, I believe Jennifer and Matthew deserve to win out of everyone!! Most beautiful couple!
#4 Jennifer and Matthew

Beverly - Went to school with Jen! Deserves to win!!
Jen and Matt #4

Nestor Guadron - # 3 Daniel – Carisa
Have the best picture and their are a lovelly couple

Maryann - As Aunt of the bride and her Mistress of Ceremonies, I can tell you that this is the couple to win, Jen and Matt #4!! Love them both!!

Felipe Gonzales - # 3 Daniel& Carisa

Sandra Perez - # 3 Daniel – Carisa Great couple

Andrea - I am voting for Jen and Matt (#4). I work with Jennifer and she is truly wonderful!! Best couple Ever!!

Marjorie Perez - Daniel and Carisa # 3

Ana Echeandia - #3 – Daniel & Carisa

Alyssa Nav - Number 5, Graham and Jackie! Beautiful couple :)

Corrinne McKenna - I vote Evan and Brittany #18 — Brittany is my closest USMC friend and her and Evan are our favorite couple to spend time with!

shannon miller - #14 amber and jason

Dan - #2 David + Marissa

Sarah Houck - Chance and Lauren #10 :)

Phil Wyman - #2 – David and Marissa!

Austin Henderson - #5 Graham and Jackie

Dont know them, they just look hot!

Lori Crawfoot - I’m voting for couple #4 Jennifer & Matt!
Matt is my brother-in-law and Jennifer is my best friend soon to be sister-in-law!
They are a great couple!

Jeannette - I vote for #11 Dave + Justine

Don’t know them but they look like a lovely couple and the picture is amazing!

Stephen Giese - #2 Marissa and David. Cant’ wait for their wedding!!!

Callyn Giese - #2 David & Marissa!!!

Jess Hendricks - Voting for Jackie and graham! Number 5!! Jackie is my best friend from college and I am in their BEAUTIFUL wedding in may! Love you both!!

Bridgett Campbell - I vote Bridgett and Evan… because I’m the bride :)

Carol Morrison - #4
As mother of the bride, they are the most beautiful inside and out!! Love you both!

Megan - #5 Graham and Jackie! I went to college with them and am sorority sisters with Jackie! I’m so excited to see them on this new journey! Couldn’t ask for a better match!

Lynn Taylor - Grandma of the bride!
#4!! Jen and Matthew all the way! Love you!

Gina Sumter - Couple #3 Carisa & Daniel should be “Favotrite Couple of 2011″ in the pose they both share a concealed inocent happiness revealed in their eyes as a their own little secret. I know the couple as a mother and in-law.

Matthew Crawfoot - Matt and Jen #4!!

Adrian - Daniel and Carisa – best loving long time friends best pictured couple on of 2011

Harriet Meris - Chance and Lauren, good luck!

Santiago - Daniel and Carisa-best loving fun couple of the year

Zak Knowles - #5 Graham and Jackie. BEST COUPLE!

Torri - I vote for #12, Bridgett and Evan!! Love you both : )

Lisa - My vote for Favorite Couple is #3 Daniel + Carisa! I went to high school with Carisa, but we were in different grades so never really knew one another. When I recently started dating my boyfriend, coincidentally he and Carisa knew one another from elementary school. Small world! I wish them all the best! :)

Nicole Tanenbaum - #2 David and Marissa – great couple!

Chrissy - #12 Evan and Bridgett
The BEST couple!

Esther Campbell - I vote for #12, Bridgett and Evan. It was so much fun planning the wedding and the actual day was like a fairy tale! I am the proud Mom of the bride and a new son-in-law. Evan and Bridgett bring out the best in each other and deserve to win! Rothwell’s…you did an amazing job with the pictures!

Jennifer Andrews - #4 – Jennifer & Matt :)

Ella Warner - #4 – Jennifer & Matt

Kim Curtis - #4 – Jennifer & Matt

Kate Duffy - Voting for Amber and Jason. Started out as work colleagues and grew into friendships too.

Taylor H - #2 David and Marissa

Dena Ramey - I’d like to vote for David & Marissa. I’m Marissa’s mom so of course I have to vote for them!

David - #2 David and Marissa

marina - Daniel + Carisa ..yeah..

Marissa - #2 – David and Marissa – because I am the bride :)

Emily Hines - I vote for 5 – Graham and Jackie! I have known Graham for 5 years, he is a genuine and awesome man and deserves the world! I love them both and am so glad that they found each other. They are beautiful people inside and out! <3

Luciano Trujillo - I would like to vote for Graham and Jackie. They are two very close friends from college, as well as the military, and I couldn’t be more proud of them for making the commitment to take the next step in their lives together. In addition, the picture of them here is as genuine as it gets. That’s true love, not something you see often enough anymore.

Michelle - I vote for #5,Jackie and Graham. Jackie is my cousin and Graham is such a great person, can’t wait to be with them while they start their lives together. Great picture! Can’t wait to see wedding photos!

melissa - Lauren and Chance…I work with Lauren!

kim ramos - #5 Graham + Jackie is my vote!

love these guys! They have an awesome love story and deserve the world. … and Jackie is my cousin.


Vanessa - My vote is for couple #2! They are so cute!

Colleen - I’m voting for #2, David and Marissa!

Tricia - #5 Graham and Jackie!! I am the brides cousin/bridesmaid. Beautiful picture!

Tanya - Carisa & Daniel all the way! They are such a beautiful couple inside and out!

Gabriel - Daniel & Carisa

Vitoria Cabrera - Carisa and Daniel are two of my favorite people so it’s no wonder they are my favorite couple! I am a colleague of Carisa’s and she is a beautiful person inside and out, as is Daniel. I cannot think of a better pair who deserves this honor!

Samantha Muchmore - Number 5!!! Jackie and graham are adorable! This photo completely shows how they are in real life… They are a great match together! Love you both :)

Jonathan - I vote for Lauren and Chance!

Lori Hatter - I vote for Bridgett and Evan. They are a great couple! I have known Bridgett for a while. She used to babysit my 3 boys and has since become a dear friend. I would love to see them win!

Jessica Thomas - #10 Chance & Lauren

Chance and Lauren are such an amazing couple! My husband has been a friend of Chance’s since they were young. The first time Chance brought Lauren around our group of friends, I knew her and I would become great friends & we have! They are both beautiful, loving & perfect for eachother! Can’t wait for their wedding day :)

Lisa butler - Jason and Amber #14

Suzy Baxter - Amber and Jason …Know them is to love them:-)))

Courtney Gano - Lauren & Chance: one of the most beautiful couples I know, both inside and out :)

Nathalia J. - I love couple #3- Daniel + Carisa

Patricia - Daniel and Carisa!

Jessica - Daniel + Carisa all the way!

Desiree - Daniel and Carissa- I am good friends with them!

Liz Navarro - #3 Daniel & Carisa

Rachel - Daniel and Carisa!

Maria - i vote for david and marissa!!! they are part of our extended family. we are blessed to have them in our family and cant wait for them to start their new life as husband and wife!!!

Stefanie - LAUREN & CHANCE! I’ve known Lauren just about as long as I’ve known myself. We were each other’s very first best friend. We met in kindergarten and continued our school years together until eighth grade. We also lived a street away from each other all those school years. We grew up together, shared many birthdays, sleepovers, school bus rides, friendship bracelets, and first memories of a best friend. We’ve stayed in touch throughout the years of attending different high schools, colleges, and living in different states. To this day, Lauren is the same loving person I met when I was five years old. She will brighten up a room with her infectious smile. She will be the first person to help you, complement you, dance with you, laugh at you in good fun, and love you for who you are. I can see how Chance fell in love with such an amazing woman! Seeing them together has only reassured that her loving qualities remain ensured in such a beautiful person. Her smile is as big as can be when she is with him, talking about him or looking at him. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

Sarah - Lauren and Chance

Such a happy couple that my boyfriend and I adore spending time with!!

Ashley - I vote for #11 – Dave and Justine! They’re amazing and I can’t wait to celebrate with them this summer :)

Pansy Gibson - My vote is for #14 Jason & Amber .
Jason is my son and Amber is now my beautiful daughter-in-law.
I’d love to see them win the contest Jason and Amber did a beautiful job and worked very hard on their wedding down to every detail.They wanted beautiful pictures to remember this lovely day and Rothwell did an amazing job.

Azin - I like the pic of Daniel and Carisa. I think that pic is a winner!

Taylor Lepine - #2- David & Marissa for sure!

ashley daves - I am voting for #2 David and marissa. They are family of family :-D

Grace Cooper - I’m voting #2!

Michelle Preston - I am voting for Carisa and Daniel, couple #3!!!!

Jill Battisti - I vote for #10 – Chance is my son and Lauren soon to be daughter-in law. The pictures your studio produced were awesome not a bad one in the bunch.

Jenny Beaudry - Couple #14 – Jason and Amber! I was there for their beautiful wedding and know they should win! :)

Charlotte Click - #18 — Lauren and Chance of course!

Amy - I’m voting for #2- David and Marissa! :)

Carlee Miller - Daniel & Carisa!!

melanie - Carissa and Daniel.
Went to college with Carissa.

Bridget Batchelder - I vote for Bridgett and Evan! They are a beautiful couple inside and out and they deserve to win! :)

Annette Meireles - My favorite couple is Couple #3 Carisa and Daniel! I have the extreme pleasure of knowing Carisa through my sister, Michelle. Carisa is a beautiful, talented, fun, intelligent, and thoughtful person. Though I don’t know Daniel personally, I’ve heard the same goes for him. I wish them all the best. I choose them because not only are they both GORGEOUS, they’re the whole package! Good luck!!

Ana - voting for Daniel and Carisa #3. She is the daughter of a friend of mine and I see them in that picture and I think they are perfect together. So here is wishing them they win and a great wedding.
Ana García

Shireen - Carisa n Daniel got my vote:-)

Christine - #2 David + Marissa

cate waters - I’m voting for #2, David and Marissa!

Kathleen Smith - #3 Daniel and Carisa… Beautiful! I love it! They should win!!

barry adams - Carisa & Daniel.

I worked with Carisa for a few years at her current job.


Brian - I’m voting for #2. David and Marissa

Beth - I’m voting for #2. David and Marissa

Lauren Mozzy - I am voting for Chance & Lauren :) I know them because I am Lauren, the soon to be bride!!! :) Thanks!!!

Carisa Sumter - #17 Michael + Jessica! Love them ;)

Allen Preston - My vote is for couple #3 Daniel & Carisa. They are such a beautiful couple!

Roxsana Saenz - Favorite couple of 2010 Carisa and Daniel

jason miller - Voting for #14 Jason + Amber

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